What is Moja?

Moja is a smart phone app that lets family and friends save together, simply, affordably and transparently. For more about us click here.

We are committed to ensuring the safety & security of your money. Moja is built using industry standard security features & only works with trusted partners.

How much does Moja cost?

We do not charge a fee for deposits into Moja and you can move money to and from your personal Moja wallet to your Moja savings group at no cost.

Our fees for withdrawing from Moja are fair and transparent

How do I deposit and withdraw from my Moja wallet?

You can deposit and withdraw money from your Moja wallet using your Mpesa account.

How do I start saving with family and friends?

Once you have downloaded Moja you can create a savings wallet and invite family and friends to join.

Who decides who joins the savings wallet?

Anyone who wants to join a Moja savings wallet has to be approved by all members of the savings group.

What if someone wants to withdraw money from a shared savings wallet?

Before anyone can withdraw money from a shared savings wallet, a majority of members have to approve the withdrawal. This keeps your money safe.

Is my money secure?


Sign up with Moja today and start saving with family and friends

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