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Save to cover every day expenses
Put money aside for a friend's wedding
Create a rainy day fund
Save up for a holiday
Fast & Convenient

Set up a savings group in minutes and earn interest

We have made saving with family and friends super easy.

Create a group saving wallet

Invite family or friends to join

Earn an interest rate of up to 10% per annum on your savings!

Deposit and withdraw money directly from MPESA

Secure & transparent

Save with family and friends, but without the stress

Our group wallets allow you to track contributions in real time and your shared balance is only ever a click away.

Keep your money safe with a secure pin

Check your savings group balance anytime

Decide who joins your group

Approve withdrawals

Receive notifications

Clear & Affordable Fees

Transfers within Moja are free

As well as making saving with family and friends easy, We have also made it affordable.

Transfers between your personal wallet and your savings groups are free

What our customers say

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I love the security, if someone wants to withdraw money from the group wallet then we all get a notification and a majority of us have to approve.


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Moja is so good, I can participate in my savings group where ever I am! I can make my contribution even if I can't make the meeting.


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Moja is great. The notifications & shared ledger means that everyone knows what is going on in their savings group in real time. If someone makes a contribution you can see it there and then.


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Moja takes the hassle out of savings groups. The notifications feature in particular is great, it makes that bit easier to get people to make their contributions.


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I like to have a say on who joins the group. Moja makes it so that new members have to be approved by all existing members of the savings group.


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I love that you can name your savings group, it makes it personal!


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